Unexpected Experience at Eat-a-Pita

I have been many times to the Lakeview neighborhood in Chicago, and had lunch at Eat-a-Pita restaurant at least four times. I suppose in the past I didn’t have a clear idea of what good food must taste. During that time I was eating a lot of junk food which masked my real sense of taste. Let me tell you about my first time at that place. I was with my mom. We ordered some chicken teriyaki stir fry pitas. At that time I thought it tasted good.
Today I felt hungry and my mom told me:”Why don’t you go to your favorite place, Eat-a-Pita? Last time you liked it a lot.” I said:”Fine, I will go there.” Now I regret it because I was finally able to pick out specific things that I could not accept. It is a cheap place to have lunch but this is not an excuse to serve terrible food. I understand that they have to keep the business going but using frozen vegetables is not the solution. Several years ago at lunch time there was a line of customers. Today I saw only two people sitting at the tables. I thought of all those episodes of Kitchen Nightmares where restaurants in trouble were initially empty. I was surprised. I ordered shrimp teriyaki stir fry pita.
Where do I start? The shrimp had a taste of tilapia. I suspect that it was cooked in the same pan where they recently cooked some tilapia. This is what I call sloppy cooking. I just wonder what those three cooks were doing in the kitchen. I bet that with the amount of customers visiting that place, they probably had enough time to clean a pan.
I am a big fan of ginger, and I was expecting to pick out the ginger flavor in the teriyaki sauce. Well, I could taste the salt but nothing else. The sauce was too liquid with no real flavor and lots of oil, almost like they mixed water with oil and to color it, a splash of soy sauce. It was so disappointing.


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