Thoughts About Vietnamese Sandwiches

Last Friday, I went to a Vietnamese sandwich eatery because for so long now I wanted to try out a bánh mì sandwich. A year ago I was watching The Next Iron Chef on Food Network and in one of the competitions the chefs had to transform a bánh mì sandwich into something a little more sophisticated.
For a long time I was wondering what this sandwich looks like, and whether it is tasty or not. Well, on Friday I found out that the simple and fresh ingredients used for the sandwich worked out quite nicely. It is actually much better than Subway. The pickled carrots and daikon (This was the one ingredient that I could not recognize and when I asked what it was, the woman said “it’s daikon”; I did some search and discovered that it is similar to a radish.) combined with the fresh slice of cucumber and the lemongrass chicken worked out well. They offered also curried chicken, pork and beef but most importantly for those who are vegetarian, the grilled tofu was an amazing option.
If you don’t like cilantro or jalapeño peppers (just like me), you can have this sandwich without these ingredients. It is still pretty good.
In summary, there is nothing special about the bánh mì sandwich. Maybe the transformation I saw on TV made it a sandwich that you don’t buy every day for lunch or dinner. I should find a Vietnamese bakery to buy the bread, or attempt to make it at home. Hopefully, the recipe is not a SECRET!!!


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