Excited about cooking?

This is why I started this blog. My goal is to inspire more people and show them that homemade food prepared with fresh ingredients tastes so much better than the takeout that they got last night for dinner. People do not need to be professional chefs to be able to cook a nice meal; they just need to put all their love into the food they are cooking. This is how I started cooking for myself, my family and my friends.

You may ask me how and why I started cooking. I am by no means a professional cook. I haven’t been to culinary school either. Instead, I chose a career as a chemist. You may also ask: “What do chemistry and cooking have in common?”. I was very surprised to find out that following procedures in the chemistry lab was a lot like cooking in the kitchen and following a recipe. Not just that but both give you the chance to try out new things, and only with passion and love one can achieve the most amazing results.

From an early age I was taught that fresh produce from our garden, and meat that comes from the farm are the best ingredients for a healthy meal. We never had food on the table that was not prepared at home. The first exposure I had to restaurant food or fast food was 9 years ago. At first, I wanted to experience new flavors; I wanted to know what I was missing. It turned out that frozen TV dinners, foods from the freezer section at the grocery store,  food from restaurants like McDonald’s, Chipotle or KFC were not bringing any new flavors to my mouth and over time they became boring and tasteless. Not to mention that you get addicted to them. It was so hard for me to give up on these kinds of food, especially when I was so busy at school and didn’t have time to prepare food at home.  About a year ago when I thought about it and drew the line, I realized that  I have consumed way too many burrito bowls from Chipotle (it seemed the only decent place around school where I could go for lunch).  I was so addicted to it, and frequently, I had both lunch and dinner there. It was an addiction that needed to stop. It took a lot of effort to give it up but now I am glad I did. Since then I have been focused on searching for new flavors but not at any restaurant. Instead, I rediscovered my previous way of living when the consumption of frozen or restaurant meals was absolutely forbidden.

This personal story affected my perception about different kinds of food. Now when it is possible (mainly in the spring or the summer), I prefer to buy fresh produce from the farmer’s market. In the winter time I go to two grocery stores  (Whole Foods and Standard Market) where I can find produce that tastes good.


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